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blaze_264.dmg (12.54 MB)
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Blaze_1.5.sit (889.75 KB)
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS X
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Blaze is a SimpleText replacement word processor that has added features like font scalability and a shortcuts menu. It even supports SimpleText formats, .rtf (Word) and HTML pages. Best of all, it will run on almost everything PowerPC from OS X 10.2 and higher.

It is officially discontinued since 2006. Version 2.6.4 is the last version, released 2006

The second download is version 1.5 (for Mac OS 8-9), dated 2001. The opening screen in the installer for v. 1.5 implies that it installs v. 1.5.3 for Mac OS X. This is incorrect; it installs v. 1.5 for Classic Mac OS.

A registration code for v. 2.6.4 is:

Code: 15d8e12a15116cc415d12a15116c

A registration code for v. 1.5 is:

Name: KIRI X
Code: 1169054654028444674

(Not to be confused with the Pac-Man clone of the same name.)

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

v. 2.6.4 requires OS X 10.2 at least
v. 1.5 requires Mac OS 8 - 9


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by mrdav - 2017, September 30 - 5:21am

I have added suitable registration details to the page and added v. 1.5

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by SkyCapt - 2017, September 30 - 2:28am

Blaze v2.6.4 requires registering with an email-name & a code, or else this expires in 15 days after installing.