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Blank Board Serializer

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BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg (10.75 MB)
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A program in ->firmware<- for 'burning' a unique serial number onto circuit logicboards that up to now have 'blank' unspecified serials, usually because its board has been replaced with a newly minted replacement part. This software doesn't allow changing any existing serial to a new one. This program wasn't for public consumption, but for service personnel only. At Apple, its creation was codenamed project Monaco.

dL #1 is version 3T106 date 2007, dual boots both PowerPC (Open Firmware) & intel (EFI).

There is also "v1.1" for Macs with intel processors date 2010 but it is not ten years old yet so shouldn't be uploaded here yet. The v1.1 image is arranged to be dual boot (PPC+intel) but is missing the PPC half of the app. When the v3T106 files get copied into v1.1 then it v1.1 properly dual boots between v3T106-PPC and v1.1-intel.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

This is a firmware program.
You must boot into a partition (or disc) containing it.
It cannot be run from Mac OS.