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Blank Board Serializer

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg (10.75 MB)
MD5: f1e9a8768667bbc9a685c5eb982530c7
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
BlankBoardSerializer_11_063-7137.dmg (10.55 MB)
MD5: 096df945dbd60538ba3a507b2e716550
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
BlankBoardSerializer_113T106.dmg (10.76 MB)
MD5: d8dc06bbf4cd0ceb39b618ae90eaedaf
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A program in ->firmware<- for 'burning' a unique serial number onto circuit logicboards that up to now have 'blank' unspecified serials, usually because its board has been replaced with a newly minted replacement part. This software doesn't allow changing any existing serial to a new one. This program wasn't for public consumption, but for service personnel only. At Apple, the creation of this was codenamed project Monaco.

dL #1 is version 3T106 date 2007, dual boots both PowerPC (Open Firmware) & intel (EFI).

dL #2 is a newer version for intel EFI only date 2010.

dL #3 is something I made, installed the PowerPC version onto dL2 so that it dual boots once again, with the latest version of both kinds.

If you know how to install, bless, and boot images, on partitions or on USB, then you can avoid 'burning' one or more of these dmgs to cds.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

This is a firmware program.
You must boot into a partition (or disc) containing it.
It can't be run from Mac OS.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2020, January 21 - 12:15am

dL 3 just added is supposed to dual-boot (PPC+ intel) the two known latest versions.

crazynachos's picture
by crazynachos - 2020, January 20 - 2:41pm

Please upload the latest version.