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AppleScript 1.8.3

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AppleScript_1.8.3.smi_.bin (1.54 MB)
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

AppleScript lets you automate tasks you do on your computer. Using AppleScript and the scriptable applications and scripting additions included with Mac OS 9.2.2, you can automate:

   • Changing appearance settings
   • Adding an alias to the Apple menu
   • Opening, renaming, and moving files and folders
   • Arranging folder windows
   • Backing up your hard disk
   • Connecting to servers and shared disks
   • Printing groups of documents
   • Setting up network connections

This version of AppleScript corrects several problems found in previous versions:

• Restores expected performance that was significantly reduced with some applications in previous versions.

• Improves reliability when using Unicode (international) text data, such as that provided by the Finder in Mac OS X and by the iTunes application.

• Restores the behavior of "file" and "alias" objects to their historical behavior. The previous version changed the behavior to be more compatible with Mac OS X, but that caused many scripts to malfunction.

• Allows scripts to work with files and folders whose names contain accented or other special characters.

• Corrects several problems with the "info for" scripting addition that could cause scripts to malfunction.

AppleScript 1.7 for Mac OS 9.2.2 reportedly contains severe bugs use v1.8.3

Work and test in OS 9.2.2

See also: AppleScript: The Beta Release, AppleScript 1.1, AppleScript Language Guide (PDF)

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 9.1 or later