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AppleScript 1.1

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applescript-11-install.sit (2.06 MB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

AppleScript prior to its bundling with the Macintosh System Software 7.5 and newer, was for a brief period sold as a separate product. This is version 1.1 from the original disk install set comprising of five 800k floppy disk images in Disk Copy 4.2 format and compressed with Stuffit 3.6 for good backwards compatibility.

MD5 checksum: bc293a1d0ea57e151b6530d93dd5d302 *applescript-11-install.sit

Architecture: 68k PPC

Runs under SSW 7.0 or later but there is little point installing this on Systems from 7.5 onwards (as newer AppleScript System Extensions and Editor get installed during a System install with 7.5 and later).

However, this install set carries a few goodies perhaps of interest. Such as The Scriptable Text Editor and several AppleScript demo apps that you don't get elsewhere. No need to run the installer to get them either, just mount the install set and rummage around. (The Scriptable Text Editor runs fine under newer AppleScript software and on Mac OS's through to 9.2.2)

The install set also includes FaceSpan 1.0.1 for creating AppleScript applications. Also the Scriptable Finder 7.1.3 for System Software 7.1 to 7.1.2