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Apple Hardware Test for PowerMac G5

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Year released:
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AHTv252PM-raw.dmg (15.04 MB)
For Mac OS X
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AHTv252PM-raw.img_.sit (14.35 MB)
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
AHTv210PM-raw.dmg (8.99 MB)
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
AHTv210PM-raw.img_.sit (8.65 MB)
For Mac OS X
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Apple Hardware Test for PowerMac G5 has at least these version numbers (made 2003-2006):

2.1 , 2.2.5 , 2.5 , 2.5.2

AHT 2.5.2-PM runs on All models of PowerMac G5 computer and is also the highest version, with the best information about graphics cards et al. These 4 downloads were extracted from their DVD images here in the mg OS sections, saving 3 to 4 Gigabytes per file! v2.5.2 comes from apple disc number 691-5025-A , v2.1 comes from apple disc number 691-4657-A . *"raw" means Unmodified, AHT is a Firmware program (not a Mac OS program) and "raw" also means the AHT files come hidden and messily arranged in their Finder windows. AHT raw images can be burned to disc, but also can be installed to hard drives and USB to avoid wasting discs.

1st download: is version 2.5.2 , in the form of an unwrappered .dmg file like how Apple had been offering their AHT downloadables before they stopped. This AHT file works the same way as others, and, on All models of the PowerMac G5 computer.

2nd download: is the same as the 1st, but in an OS9 friendly uncompressed Locked read/write image file, then compressed using StuffIt type 5.5 - it's not unreasonable that every AHT program for PowerPC be offered in an OS9 friendly format.
md5 checksum & filename:
4e856ad66635bb3005487d8987ec1a05 AHTv252PM-raw.img_.sit

3rd download: is version 2.1 , unwrappered .dmg file, this was the First G5 AHT and we are blessed it can also be operated (when modified) on G4 MDD models!

4th download: is the same as the 3rd, but, a more OS9 friendly file. MDD models can boot OS9 natively, so this download lets you install AHT v2.1 in an MDD/OS9 configuration.
md5 checksum & filename:
d2fc29f0acb770a737b174305040c671 AHTv210PM-raw.img_.sit

AHT version 2.0.2 for PowerMac is stored here:

This OVERVIEW link (below) has All the AHT and other Test software here:

Architecture: PPC

AHT is a Firmware program, it does NOT run on Mac OS.


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