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Apple Dylan TR

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The classic Dylan IDE is no longer available from via the purchase link above. If anyone has archived the classic Dylan IDE, please consider uploading it to this page.

Dylan was created in the early 1990s by a group led by Apple Computer. At one point in its development it was intended for use with Apple's Newton computer, but the Dylan implementation did not reach sufficient maturity in time, and Newton instead used a combination of C and the NewtonScript developed by Walter Smith. Apple ended their Dylan development effort in 1995, though they made a "technology release" version available ("Apple Dylan TR1") that included an advanced IDE.

Originally released under Mac OS 7 and 68k processors, it was patched over the years by Apple to run on PowerPC processors up through Mac OS 9.2.2, but not in the Classic environment of Mac OS X. If you choose not to buy the original Mac OS 7 version of Dylan Technology Release, you can download the open source version which runs on a variety of platforms, including PPC- and Intel-based Mac OS X systems from: (Web Archive mirror).

Architecture: 68k PPC


PiPPiN's picture
by PiPPiN - 2013, April 14 - 6:15pm

Any relationship with the name and the obession of Steve Jobs with Bob Dylan?

iig's picture
by iig - 2011, January 5 - 7:06pm

Boy, this sure looks cool!
Thanks for the upload!

by Anonymous - 2009, September 4 - 4:25pm

Oh man that's great, I have read about it, there were some legal issues with Bob Dylan, and Jobs financially solved it ; )

by pablomarx - 2009, September 4 - 4:04pm

I am still unable to get uploads to work. The purchase link should work to download this. Screenshots are available here: and