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CharisMac Anubis Utility v2.54h

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Anubis is the fastest, most reliable SCSI utility software available for the Macintosh. Anubis anticipates possible problems and corrects them on the fly, protecting you from disastrous disk crashes and other unanticipated errors that could bring your work to a screeching halt. Anubis gives you total control over all of your SCSI storage devices.

Architecture: 68k

The Anubis Professional Formatting Utility is compatible on any Macintosh Plus model or higher running system 6.0 or higher, with at least 2 mb of free RAM. The Anubis Professional Formatting Utility fully supports the Power Macintosh line of computers including the new PCI-based Power Macintosh.

Nevertheless, this version is for 68k Macs according to NativeChecker.

Anubis is compatible with virtually all SCSI and IDE disk mechanisms, including fixed disks, SyQuests, Opticals (3.5" and 5.25") Flopticals and the new Zip drive.


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by themacmeister - 2013, May 16 - 1:56am

MrDav FTW!

I am no longer to do any more uploads, but there is a mirror of my files out there now Smile

So hopefully some more cool stuff will get posted.

by mrdav - 2013, May 16 - 12:06am

Hi macjames. You did the right thing. Thank you. Yes, please remove dead links when you replace them. My apologies for doubting you. I think i got confused because I had a copy of the previous (and I neglected to look at the diffs carefully enough). Cheers.

by macjames - 2013, May 15 - 11:18pm

Oh, i didn't delete or removed any file, there were none available to download, in fact i went to check to the dead links topic and to my surprise it wasn't listed there. It was only available a dead link to megaupload or mediafire, which i removed from the description. Or shouldn't i remove those dead links? They stay on the diffs anyway.

by mrdav - 2013, May 15 - 10:43pm

Hi macjames. I don't know if the previous file was no longer on the server, but if it was still there it is best (and polite) to just add your file leaving the previous one there.