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After Dark - Marvel Posters

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After_Dark_-_Marvel_Posters.sit (1.82 MB)
MD5: 46683599eb24405e15d47d5eec1ce889
This app works with: Basilisk II,

This is the Marvel Posters theme pack for After Dark. Included are all 39 of the original images used by the Marvel AD module.


DO NOT run with other screensavers active


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 14 - 8:29am

@LimeiBook86 Thanks for going through the trouble! Smile Saved me and probably a lot others from unneeded headaches.
@snconners That was quite an interesting read! Well-said!

LimeiBook86's picture
by LimeiBook86 - 2019, January 9 - 6:01am

FYI - The instructions originally included in the first version were incorrect, following them had you put the "Marvel" and "Marvel Images" folder in the "After Dark Files" folder under Control Panels... this didn't work and caused an error when trying to run.

This however was incorrect, the "Marvel Images" folder actually must go inside the "Marvel" folder. Otherwise, when the Marvel Images screensaver is used an error displays saying it can't find the "Marvel Images" folder.

To simplify the installation, and to resolve this issue, I've re-uploaded this .sit file with the "Marvel Images" folder already correctly in the "Marvel" folder, and updated the installation instructions. So all you need to do is drag the "Marvel" folder into "After Dark Files" and that's it. Smile

Also, I've tested these modules and they will work After Dark 3.0 as well as 4.0 (but not 2.0).

snconners's picture
by snconners - 2015, November 8 - 12:32pm

I have to be honest guys, nobody loves screen savers and After Dark more then me. They are a huge part of why I'm involved with our mission here at the Garden -- it was a screen saver (Dark Side, actually) running on an LC II in the back of my 2nd grade classroom that really honed my interest in computers in the first place (the snowblower & spotlight modules especially Smile). But all that said, I can't STAND so called "screen savers" that display friggin' "slide shows" of STATIC images. By definition, by my interpretation, screen savers have movement, activity -- animation! Even the free saver programs that do this get on my nerves, but for Berkeley Systems to slap together a couple pictures, call it a "screen saver" and charge what, like $39 for it, is absolutely disgusting to me. It took longer to design the box then it did to make the "screen saver", which I'd guess was done in an afternoon.

I know the history of Berkeley Systems, I've read accounts of their business practices from former employees. They were a very evil, greedy company I'm sorry to say, especially toward the end, and this is just one more example of their insatiable greed. They even exploited a loophole in their contract to completely cut out the original creators of the concept! It's strange though -- evil as the company (really the CEO, CFO, etc) itself was, they had some extraordinary artists and module developers working for them (or oft as contractors) -- people who actually believed in what they were doing, and that combination allowed them to create (in the case of SOME products) something that changed, or at least touched, the world in a way, brightening peoples gloomy days just a bit. Or at least changed my world, drawing me into a lifelong love of and career in the computer science field.

BTW, no disrespect to the uploader! I appreciate your time, and do have this in my library for completeness, and I know some others do get some enjoyment from this; I'm glad someone does.

Sorry for the rant guys! Its been building for years and I needed to get that off my chest.