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Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5

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MD5: ef325d9ebe1256643c8a31b2cb79b70b
For Mac OS X
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Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5

This last reader from for PPC.
I don't have dmg file. You have to expand with stuffit or the Unarchiver. Then put in your application folder.

This for os x PPC.

This version works on mac os x 10.4.11 and mac os x 10.5.8.

Architecture: PPC

PPC os x


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by OpenSourceMac - 2020, February 7 - 3:43am

Skim is SO MUCH BETTER ( !!! The Only PDF reader you need.
And for actually editing PDFs, Libre Office is the best thing for PPC (Reader Pro doesn't do anything useful other than let you cut-down file sizes).