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About the Macintosh Garden

The Macintosh Garden is an abandonware games archive, dedicated in particular to supporting the Macintosh computer platform. A notable feature of Macintosh Garden is its emphasis on game emulation, encouraging users to run historical and in some cases genre-defining games on modern systems.

Games featured on the Macintosh Garden have been discontinued by their publishers and are no longer commercially available. The Macintosh Garden aims to preserve these games for future generations, providing documentation and downloads of the original game files. With respect to copyright, non-qualifying games are removed upon request and a link to the game's purchase page is provided.

The website is primarily a wiki, allowing contributors to upload game files and screenshots as well as edit descriptions and other details. Software is categorized by genre, year, author and publisher.

Originally founded in 2001, by 2007 the archive held over 900 games and 6960 user comments. Throughout this time the site was hosted by Home of the Underdogs until late 2008 when the host went bankrupt. The Macintosh Garden has since been relaunched and plans are underway to preserve the archive itself with the University of Portsmouth's KEEP Project.

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by Alex (not verified) - 2009, April 13 - 5:00pm

Yay! The Macintosh Garden is back!

I will see what abandonware I have sitting on my old 7500/100, and promptly upload anything that is not already here.

by Maedi - 2009, April 10 - 4:47am


No worries, please let me know if I can help you in anyway.


by Anna (not verified) - 2009, April 10 - 4:45am

This site is back??? I will now cry happy tears!! I missed this place!

by .tiff (not verified) - 2009, April 8 - 6:43pm

Thank you for reviving this site! Looking forward to watching this site develop! The only thing I do miss are the retro Mac Classic desktop graphics, but I think I can deal with that Smile

by tecneeq (not verified) - 2009, April 8 - 2:32pm


I believe it's very easy to use stuffit in Basilisk, wich is a 68k emulator. It's quick and runs on anything unixish. That's how i make my sit files.

by Maedi - 2009, April 8 - 1:08pm

Hi StarPlay,

I've just added Souls in the System:

Best wishes,

by Mattscott251 - 2009, April 8 - 1:46am

I have the original Taskmaker and Lemmings and a few other games that I downloaded from the original Mac Garden that I will upload here. But How do I compress them into .sit format or whatever format they need to be in?

by StarPlay fan (not verified) - 2009, April 7 - 11:24pm

Does anyone have a copy of Souls in the System? I'm in DIRE need of it. If anyone gets me a copy I'll give back by uploading the prequel ShadowWraith

by StarPlay fan (not verified) - 2009, April 7 - 11:24pm

Does ANYONE have Souls in the System? I'm in DIRE need of it. If someone gets me a full version I'll give back its prequel ShadowWraith and a whole collection of other games.

by thellama73 (not verified) - 2009, April 7 - 2:14pm

Thank you thank you thank you for reviving this site! I had just downloaded dozens of my favorite games of yesteryear when my harddrive crashed and I lost them all Sad
The game downloads don't seem to be working yet, but I'm surre you're on top of it. Thanks you so much.

by Maedi - 2009, April 6 - 4:47am

SterlingBen, I've fixed this, you should now be able to upload a game.

by SterlingBen - 2009, April 6 - 4:29am

After making account I still get "You are not authorized to access this page." whenever I try to upload anything.

by Dr Ivo Robotnik (not verified) - 2009, April 5 - 9:57pm

I cant wait to upload what I have!