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About the Macintosh Garden

The Macintosh Garden is an abandonware games archive, dedicated in particular to supporting the Macintosh computer platform. A notable feature of Macintosh Garden is its emphasis on game emulation, encouraging users to run historical and in some cases genre-defining games on modern systems.

Games featured on the Macintosh Garden have been discontinued by their publishers and are no longer commercially available. The Macintosh Garden aims to preserve these games for future generations, providing documentation and downloads of the original game files. With respect to copyright, non-qualifying games are removed upon request and a link to the game's purchase page is provided.

The website is primarily a wiki, allowing contributors to upload game files and screenshots as well as edit descriptions and other details. Software is categorized by genre, year, author and publisher.

Originally founded in 2001, by 2007 the archive held over 900 games and 6960 user comments. Throughout this time the site was hosted by Home of the Underdogs until late 2008 when the host went bankrupt. The Macintosh Garden has since been relaunched and plans are underway to preserve the archive itself with the University of Portsmouth's KEEP Project.

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by lpl - 2017, April 22 - 2:53pm

Fantastic site, thanks you.

Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2015, September 5 - 10:46pm

@Maury Markowitz: Mac Garden runs on the Drupal CMS.

by Maury Markowitz - 2015, September 3 - 2:27pm

I'm curious about the software you are using here. I have a fanciful project to gather "NEC files", which are little text files describing antennas. Something like this interface would be ideal, because users could upload their files and then comment on them.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2014, October 4 - 5:29pm

can i load the game file to a floppy and play it in my mac?

Disk images should be opened with Disk Copy 6.3 on the original hardware.

by Rainbow Apple - 2014, October 3 - 11:59pm

i have an old Mac Classic and the games here say "download this Emulator". can i load the game file to a floppy and play it in my mac?

TheCRTman's picture
by TheCRTman - 2014, July 6 - 4:45am

I love this site. I got 95% of my software for my Mac OS 9 iMac G3 from here. It is great to use it as it would have been used back in the day. By the way, I am typing this with Mac OS 9.2.2 with the said iMac G3.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, March 29 - 10:09pm

@nathanpieters: Try "g3 throttle" extension in the above search box (the words "g3 throttle" including quotes + extension, without quotes).

by nathanpieters - 2014, March 29 - 9:51pm

I think I might have a few things to add. One thing I've noticed...lots of references to G3 Throttle, yet it brings up an empty page when I click the link. I also can't find it on it's own page.

by Col - 2013, November 29 - 1:55am

Totally amazing site, will see what I can add.

by aka - 2013, April 27 - 4:37am

AliasMenu 3 is mac osx shareware

natgab's picture
by natgab - 2013, April 25 - 5:53pm

Thank you for this great site. I especially love the fact that you have the obscure editions of Mac OS like Copland, Rhapsody, etc. Thanks to Clasilla, I can browse the web and thanks to this site, I can enjoy using some older applications and maybe even play a game that doesn't require 6 buttons and me still not knowing what I am doing : )

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2012, July 6 - 1:26am

@Pincrete: If its not archived here (and it doesn't appear to be) then upload it. Someone will have a use for it, I'm sure.

by Pincrete - 2012, July 5 - 7:28pm

Yours is a very old posting, but yes I do have AliasMenu (and use it on two Macs) .... are you still wanting it ?


Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2010, August 24 - 2:35pm

Over the next few weeks to months, stuff will be moved to a new server and un-archived. Please be patient, I'm quite busy. Smile

SheepShaver GUI apps and the like are allowed.

by Istarian - 2010, August 24 - 2:12pm

I think that the description on this page should be revised because it seems that this site has at least as many applications as games, unless it is meant to conceal that applications are also hosted here? Also what has to happen for stuff to get un-archived? Is it high bandwidth costs or high storage costs that are the problem? If it's bandwidth, is that per day or per month? Would it help to put specific download limits in place per month or per day?

by xy - 2010, August 11 - 8:23am

I have another suggestion for the new website:
All new forum posts appear in the beginning of the page not at the end so that it is no longer necessary to go to "last" to read a new post.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, August 11 - 6:51am

Psst! What if...

(link to home page a couple of posts back)

NOTICE: This domain name expired on 07/19/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion

by xy - 2010, July 7 - 9:53am

Very much better than what MacGarden is now!

MacinTricks's picture
by MacinTricks - 2010, July 7 - 3:34am

Psst! What if...

iig's picture
by iig - 2010, June 8 - 2:05pm

Looks like drew(the spammer) is back as a troll named jane blankenship or something(if this is a legit person i'm sorry in advance,) but it sure looks like a spammer i mean come on! "This is a nice think, its so cool.," "come visit my BORING web site and buy my BORING stuff, Jane" Laughing out loud

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, June 3 - 3:55pm

I e-mailed Maedi and he said it was legit. He's going to explain more later and it will only appear on this page.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, June 3 - 3:52pm

so is the blurb in the header spam or not ?

and can I expect to start getting spam email on the email address I gave to this site ?

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, June 3 - 12:30pm

EDIT: Shock

MacinTricks's picture
by MacinTricks - 2010, June 1 - 5:39am

Eh, I didn't mean to start a thing with browsers. My deeper intent was to propose a way of posting and saving Macintosh Garden files from within a Macintosh emulator (or a physical early system). Currently, early versions of Netscape Navigator can access the text and links in M.G., but posting files is another story since it relies on a VERY current dialect of JavaScript. By the way, it would be useful to have read-only anonymous FTP access to the StuffIt files so users could download programs through Fetch (which works even in System Software 6). Furthermore, there could be a "drop-box" FTP directory where users could upload their StuffIt archives directly. An administrator could then create a M.G. entry and link the file. This is how they do it on the Asimov Apple II FTP archive.

by SHiNShU - 2010, May 26 - 5:03am

i added blue label power emulator to the site and the download is listed at 0.00 MB and the download link didnt work when i tested it. what could be wrong?
EDIT: nevermind, i scrolled down this page to find the 'broken links' solution and did the "reupload" thing and now it works fine. thanks for your help and enjoy this fine app!

by Zaiphaic - 2010, May 23 - 9:05pm

Couldn't find MacSNMP after wading through myriads of links … is it lost?

iig's picture
by iig - 2010, May 21 - 12:06am

There are tons of spammers here! WE NEED ADMINS!

by madmax2069 - 2010, May 17 - 11:20am

I am glad to see Mac garden is back from the ashes

by Istarian - 2010, May 10 - 7:24pm

Someone should download a copy of the install binaries and manual for this software from here: as they have announced it be free on that page (as of June 24, 2005) and provided a download link. They should put it up on here, and they might want to get the french, german, and japanese editions too if the files aren't huge.

mabecabu's picture
by mabecabu - 2010, May 9 - 6:50am

Someone should add reCAPTCHA to the registration process, it might help prevent some of the spam.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, May 1 - 7:39am

The Internet Archive also seems to store http (rather than ftp or other) linked files up to about 3MB. This is a real lifesaver if you're looking for old patches or updates.

Hiteckredneck's picture
by Hiteckredneck - 2010, May 1 - 2:41am

Hey folks I found this cool site called the wayback machine. I know this idea has limited use but if you need pictures of software and such you may be able to find them by searching old archived websites that had... cnet... apple and such check it out...

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, April 23 - 3:19am

There is a video of Valve's Steam service running on Mac! see final post here -

by tripseven - 2010, April 16 - 12:16am

We seem to get a bit of spam, don't we? A pity, really. Some people have not much else to do.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, April 12 - 3:22pm

Help balorg! Evil spammers!!!!
Or is it Apple_IIGS user?
Please help destroy the spam

Yep, we're doing our best... Sick Beer Wink

iig's picture
by iig - 2010, April 12 - 2:04pm

Help balorg! Evil spammers!!!!
Or is it Apple_IIGS user?
Please help destroy the spam Sad

by NamelessFragger - 2010, April 6 - 8:42pm

Classilla 9.0.4 had some rendering quirks with this very site on the home page where those big screenshots were, but the 9.1 update fixed that. Now I actually don't mind OS 9 too much for Web browsing. (It still needs the NoScript interface to act more like the Firefox version, though.)

Also using Mac OS 9.2.2, but on a Pismo PowerBook G3.

Fortuna Wave's picture
by Fortuna Wave - 2010, April 4 - 11:59am

I would interested the Virtual PC 2.1.1 CD ISO file.

by anthonyschr - 2010, April 1 - 10:45pm

Just realized though, that uploading to this website is buggy and might be impossible under that particular setup.

by anthonyschr - 2010, April 1 - 10:24pm

Does Classilla work better than Mozilla? I use Mozilla 1.1 under Mac OS 9.2.2.

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2010, March 30 - 8:51pm

Why not using Classilla for OS 9 web browsing? I suppose it's the best solution we have right now and it works great with the Mac Garden. (

Hiteckredneck's picture
by Hiteckredneck - 2010, March 21 - 4:32am

Hey yall, I know there was talk from some posters that the site isn't compatible enough for older browsers, you folks that are having this problem should try out the download for IE 5.5. The read-me says that it will support some Mac OS 7 versions + 8 and 9. If you do download it get it from the mega download link, I had errors with the page link. When you install run the MS self-repair and everything went pretty smooth after that, try it out you may like it.. I'm running 9.0.4.... it was buggy at first but after a few restarts and running the MS repair it seems to work fine... actually better than IE 5, it'll show you the garden in a better light if it works for you.

Dragnerok X's picture
by Dragnerok X - 2010, March 19 - 10:07pm

I stumbled across this bit whilst doing a research project on the DMCA, and it seems to help define the gray area of "warez" on this site:

"Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and that require the original media or hardware as a condition of access, when circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of preservation or archival reproduction of published digital works by a library or archive. A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace. (A renewed exemption, first approved in 2003.)"

I'd say that Macintosh Garden would constitute an "archive" seeking the "preservation" of classic Macintosh games and programs.

by anthonyschr - 2010, March 19 - 1:55am

Does anyone know if there is a version of Fly! for Mac that is abandonware?

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, March 18 - 4:13am

Sorry Balrog, I'll use the forums in future. I use the recent changes page as my start page!

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2010, March 18 - 12:45am


Can you keep this kind of discussion in the forums, please? It's a lot easier to find things there.

Or, if you have something to upload, make a page for it? Same reasons Smile

And yes, MachTen is still sold; I'm not sure about the 68K version though, so that one might be ok.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, March 12 - 8:04am

I have a cracked PC version of Boogaloopers (identical to the Mac version). Does anyone know if a working serial number or crack exists for the Mac version?

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2010, March 9 - 1:55am


MachTen would be warez; it's still sold.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, March 5 - 3:30am

I was going to post MachTen 4.01 Root directory (stuffed), but macgui has 4.1.1 Installer.

See link a few posts down for site URL.