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A Beginner's Guide for Uploading Stuff to Macintosh Garden

Is it abandonware?

That's the question you should ask yourself before doing anything. If it's not abandonware, you shouldn't upload it no matter how good it is. That raises another question, what's abandonware? There's no official definition, so let's try to answer that question by telling you what can be considered abandonware.


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by Balrog - 2014, April 16 - 1:01pm

The cue/bin method at is better for CDs that might be multisession. I suggest getting cdrdao from Homebrew though.

If you're using an external drive, here is how to get it to recognize the drive:

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by SuperMew98 - 2014, April 17 - 2:41am

Thanks! Is Toast Titanium 11 ok for making copies of CDs?

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by MikeTomTom - 2010, November 3 - 12:19am

@mathieudel asks:

And, what about hybrid CD images ?

For about 6 months now, I've been using the free Windows program "ImgBurn" to make .ISO images of my Classic Mac CDs, including Mac-PC hybrids and bootable Mac OS install CDs. Very quick and brain-dead simple to use - It hasn't made a coaster yet Laughing out loud

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by mathieudel - 2010, November 3 - 12:12am

Also, I tried from SheepShaver to create a DiskCopy v6.3.3 image using the option "Create image from disk" but it did not work, reporting a -50 error.
I had to create a toast image of the disc, mount it and then create an image of this mounted image using disk copy ...
Can you confirm that doesn't hurt ?

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by mathieudel - 2010, November 3 - 12:07am

And, what about hybrid CD images ? Can it be done from SheepShaver / Basilisk II, or do I have to use disk utils under OS X to produce a .cdr file (or equivalnt software on windows for .iso file) ?

by doctore - 2010, September 7 - 7:52pm

It is very easy once you get the hang of it , but for a beginner , you should learn the common file extensions that are allowed so you will not have any problems uploading.

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by IIGS_User - 2010, April 25 - 10:21am

Can you simply change the sitx tag to sit?

Please go in Stuffit's preferences window to the tab 'Stuffing' and select Archive type 'Stuffit', not 'Stuffit X'.
This would users of older versions of Stuffit enable to unstuff it.

it is very appreciated to upload toasted images (or even Disk Copy images created inside of the emulated Mac system), because such disk image files are easier to handle than getting a collection of floating game files after downloading.

by Dissident_Priest - 2010, April 24 - 11:32pm

Can you simply change the sitx tag to sit?

by Dissident_Priest - 2010, April 24 - 11:32pm

So I want to upload a few Mac ppc games. They are all educational, and I thought some one who gave their old ppc to their kids would like copies of them. Here is what I did:
Using eMac G4
1) Toast 2009 to create .toast image
2) Stuffit Deluxe 2010 to "Stuff" them (.sitx)

Will these work?

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by MacWise - 2009, September 27 - 7:57pm

Can you be more specific paulpeckham?

by paulpeckham - 2009, September 27 - 7:14pm

i uploaded a game but it won't let me play it what do i do?

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by MacWise - 2009, September 21 - 5:07pm


MacZip can open Mac OS X zip files. And you can still run Classic applications on Leopard with SheepShaver.


I know StuffIt is the prefered file format for Macintosh Garden, but for non-PPC users zip is more convenient--for files that doesn't rely on the resource fork, that is.

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by Attila - 2009, September 21 - 3:36pm

For OSX, download StuffIt Standard Edition from this site or elsewhere; it's free. Since OSX itself won't damage resource forks, you can stuff things fairly easily for upload. Just be sure to use the old .sit format, and not .sitx.

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by Bolkonskij - 2009, September 21 - 6:18am

Thanks a lot for the guide MacWise. One question: What are you supposed to do if you're on a OS X only machine (Leopard, no OS 9 support any longer) and want to compress a file for upload? The built-in .zip function isn't probably a good idea, since no one with Mac OS 7 will be able to open it... any suggestions?

Edit: Replaced 'xxx7' with 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

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by MacWise - 2009, September 14 - 4:52am

Maedi and Euryale, you're both welcome.

by Euryale - 2009, September 14 - 12:31am

Yes, Thank you for your work on this Guide,
It's been helpful with some doubts regarding System 6 software.

by Maedi - 2009, September 14 - 12:06am

Hi MacWise, Just wanted to say thank you for this guide. I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to packaging these old games up, so I'll be referring to this guide frequently.